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When you have Herpes, it can feel awfully lonely! Those who face dating with herpes find themselves facing possible ridicule and rejection, which forms the basis of driving them into confinement. Many times people who live with herpes will remain alone for long periods of time rather than face the rejection… but that need not be the case with you.

Why remain lonely and feel devastated just because you have herpes? Learn how to reclaim and live your life fully including love and sex.

I have gone through the same feelings at one time and hence know how you feel. That’s why I am trying to help with providing the best resource to find love, support and date for people like us!

Positive Singles


With herpes dating sites like Positive Singles you now have the option of meeting, interacting, dating and having fun with people burdened with the same concerns as you. These concerns include the whole gamut of emotions apart from the physical. By joining this site for Free, you might be well on your way to get rid of your anguish, depression, frustration and most importantly, your loneliness.


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Looking for someone in your area to share a loving, supportive relationship? There is no need to feel alone or ostracized. Mingle and flirt with singles in your area from the safety and privacy of your own home. Initiate or receive contact, develop the relationship at a pace and safety level that you feel comfortable with.


Mentioned here is the highest quality network of Singles with Herpes and other STD afflictions, where you can meet someone honest and open that understands what you face.


Sure, there are a few other Herpes or STD dating sites. But I personally have found this to be the most effective. For me, I got to date three women and am now on my fourth relationship, which seems to be working out great and we are now contemplating marriage.  😆  After my diagnosis (and after I got over my initial depression), I  joined quite a few “herpes dating sites” but none of them worked out. It was only after I came across Positive Singles that the scene totally changed and that is why I try here to help others like me who are really looking for a really good non-spammy herpes dating site.


The quality at Positive Singles is really second to none! After a quick look around, you can clearly see why its the best place to flirt and mingle…. without the usual bunch of spammy profiles prevalent at most dating sites. The site is broken down into two kinds…. Free Membership and Gold Membership.


Free Membership

  • Create a full profile with pictures and specify the type of person you are looking for
  • Browse and do general basic searches to get familiar with other members
  • Receive and reply to all contacts but not initiate them


Gold Membership

  • Total control over initiating contact… both email and chat
  • Advanced sorting and search features
  • Priority listing in search results
  • See who is interested in you and view new members
  • Strong privacy and security measures… such as “Hide Undesirables”
  • Profile and Photo privacy control
  • Full access to daily news and videos


What I do highly recommend is that you signup for the Free Membership and look around for yourself  as its totally free to do so. This I advise since it has a great community including support groups, counseller, medical advice, apart from the definite chance to get to know the right kind of person whom you can get cosy with and date. Do take a look around (as you can’t lose anything)….. and it could be the end of your loneliness!

An additional factor which truly adds to the value of Positive Singles is that each new profile undergoes a review process first…. this obviously helps filter out spammers and other “undesirable elements”.


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As I said earlier, there are a few other herpes online dating web sites…. but none come anywhere close to Positive Singles.

After all, what we are looking for is a place where the community is truly supportive as well as active. Also, the group has to be fairly large to allow us to choose and interact with the person who matches our requirements.

And in my quest to find such a place for myself, Positive Singles is the only one matching my dseired standards. This is by far the most busy site with thousands of members and innumerable successful testimonials to cap it – check it out for yourself.

Since there is a screening process in place, undesirable and spammy profiles are not part of this herpes dating web site and hence you truly stand a good chance of meeting someone and having an intimate relationship. And that is precisely the reason why I have not mentioned the details of other Herpes/STD dating sites as there’s no use wasting time and/or money over them.


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